Psychological Safety @ Work: Programs for Leaders and Teams

The PS@W Program is all about learning to care for our heads at work. It’s about keeping one of the most important parts of your body safe and in top-notch condition so you and everyone around you can be their best at work.

Historically, workplace practices and laws have protected all the other parts of the body, but now it’s the mind’s time! The PS@W Program teaches the powerful principles to embed in leaders and workplaces how to ensure psychological safety is valued and contributes to a positive and productive workplace culture.

Implementing the PS@W learnings will allow individuals to shine to be the best they can be, while helping avoid the pitfalls of workplace health and safety laws non-compliance.

The PS@W Program is led by Leaderlab, the proven subject matter experts in this space. IIT strongly endorses both LeaderLab and the PS@W Program given its synergies with IIT’s values of human-centered innovation and mainstreaming inclusivity.

You can read more about the PS@W Program below or by downloading the information booklet

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