IIT & LeaderLab Launch Psychological Safety @ Work Coaching Product.

IIT & LeaderLab Launch Psychological Safety @ Work Coaching Product

We are thrilled to share the launch of this compelling shiny new Program – Psychological Safety @ Work – developed by LeaderLab and in partnership with IIT to create more inclusive workplace cultures and help avoid the pitfalls of workplace health and safety non-compliance.

We invite all those interested to learn more, in lifting the bar on their workplace environments by empowering their leaders and employees with knowledge and tools for both improved culture and commercial benefits. 

See the PS@W coaching packages in the information booklet:

Download the PS@W booklet here

The PS@W Partnership

LeaderLab Co-CEOs Linda Manaena and Nicole Stafford have long-lived and breathed all things in this space, with years spent working with clients, corporates, businesses, government and community organisations This, coupled with their own lived experiences, led them on a pathway of discovery and solutions – and so felt compelled to bring the PS@W coaching product to market.

Inclusive Innovations Tasmania quickly identified the purpose and values synergies with LeaderLab and this Program, as it aligns to their vision of making inclusion mainstream. So together they saw the opportunity to champion human-centered workplace practices, and thus the Psychological Safety @Work Program came to life!

The Story Behind PS@W

Taking a step back in time, Psychological Safety is not a new concept, but over the last decade or so it has come to the forefront in our workplaces and is now seen as critical to supporting mental health, to mitigate injury and attrition, but also improve an inclusive culture and productivity at work.

The concept first formed as early as 1943 when Abraham Maslow published the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ and where he talked about ‘belongingness’ needs. Psychological safety is defined as feeling able to be yourself without fear. It’s about not being embarrassed, marginalized, or punished in some way that negatively impacts you whilst you’re at work.

Download the PS@W booklet here

So Why is PS@W Needed?

In today’s contemporary world it’s become increasingly expected to be able to show competency in this area, from both an employee and organisational level, and in our community as a whole.

Plus, from a cost perspective, our current workforce is still substantially comprised of humans. Therefore, investing in these critical humanistic drivers of work makes sense!

And from a legislation perspective, it’s out with the old framework of Occupational Health and Safety and in with the new, with its additional psychological compliance requirements and regulations. 

Don’t get caught out, building psychological safety at work is just a conversation away. Call or e-mail us now to discuss customising the PS@W Program to your needs.

How Does The PS@W Solution Work?

The PS@W Program is all about learning to care for our heads at work. It’s about keeping one of the most important parts of your body safe and in top-notch condition so you and everyone around you can be their best at work.

Historically, workplaces have looked after other parts of the body, but now it’s the mind’s time. The PS@W Program enlightens, teaches, and embeds principles and practices to ensure people are not only cared for but they can shine in what they do.

Following a measure-based methodology that identifies your workplace’s real current psychological state, a baseline is developed so you’ll discover where you’re at and where you need to head to achieve optimal psychological safety in your workplace.

The nitty-gritty of the PS@W Program is split up into modules you can chose for their relevance and/or budget. These modules give you a crystal-clear picture and pathway, one that will enlighten and deliver the necessary awareness to transform your leadership skills and working environment.

The program is all about creating a workplace culture that includes the 4 stages of psychological safety which:

1. Creates a sense of belonging and acceptance for all – to feel respected, valued, and have meaningful opportunities.

2. Develops an environment to learn, grow and develop – to feel safe asking questions and learning from mistakes.

3. Empowers creative thinking and idea-sharing – to feel free and able contribute fully without judgment.

4. Supports speaking up and calling it out – to feel safe sticking your neck out without having it cut off!

Contact us now for personalised recommendations for improvement in your leadership and workplace. Call or e-mail IIT’s CEO Phillip ‘Sunny’ Drury to start a conversation:

0407 870 034

Download the PS@W booklet here

Learn more about LeaderLab here: www.leaderlab.com.au

Pictured below: IIT CEO Phillip Drury and LeaderLab Co-CEO Linda Manaena

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